Analog Squad Holiday Playlist 2022

Analog Squad Holiday Playlist 2022

Happy holidays to everyone!

We hope that you are as excited as we are for this upcoming holiday season.

When choosing a holiday playlist or as we say in the industry "setlist", the most important thing to consider is people want to have fun.

It's the holiday season 2022, and a lot of people, friends, businesses had not had a holiday party for a couple of years. So we anticipate enthusiasm and energy this holiday season, so keep that in mind when creating your playlist.

We noticed over the last few seasons the younger generation enjoys some of the classic holiday songs, but they do seem to enjoy them a lot more when they are covered by more contemporary artists. So if your party has a lot of age 30 and under, consider mixing a liberal dose of holiday covers. 

Analog Squad providing Holiday Party DJ services at Sub Rosa in Calgary.

Also in keeping the energy up, feel free to mix in some non-holiday tracks that keep everything in the up and up.

For the dinner hour, if it is a party with speeches and if you're looking for a classy-elegant vibe, again, keep the energy in the plus. Consider choosing some fun instrumental covers that will keep people humming, smiling and enjoying one another. Because let's face it, we missed each other and it would great to party again!

As for when the dance floor opens, keep the party moving and upbeat. Please check some playlist that we include. Happy holidays!

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